Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! :)


I'm soooo excited for 2012! I just started joining the book community about a month ago and I'm loving it so far! I have a lots of goals for this blog and my youtube channel. I'm hoping I'll have giveaways, author interviews, book hauls, and a lot of reviews! I hope you understand that I'm still only 13 and I can't really mail anything. My parents are really strict about me buying books. Since I already go to the library every two weeks. But I want to start collecting books and getting a really huge library to show you guys. I'm close to filling my first shelf. I will be asking my dad to build me a book shelf so I can put my books on it. My other goal is to get a half time job so I can have money to buy books and other things :) 

Please do vote on my blog. 'What ARC should I read next?' I really really want your guys opinion! VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Check out my In My Mailbox (4). I added two books to it that I just got. 

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  1. I reckon you'll do great in the blogging community. I am also a new blogger. I have the same wishes as you too! I didn't know you're 13! You look like you're 16 or something(i meant it in a good way). Good luck to both of us =D