Review Policy

I would love to review your books. I would definitely make time to read your book! I will be honest about the book I'm reviewing. I might like it, I might not. So just send it to me anyways! :)

What I Will Accept/What I Don't Accept: I accept all YA books. I don't like reading horror books, but if the summary is really good then I will review it. Please don't hesitate about telling me your book. I sometimes read MG books but I don't read them all. I do not accept non-fiction and adult books. 

Format: I have a kindle. So you can send me a kindle format but I sometimes prefer hard or paper back. I don't listen to audio books but if you want me to review it then also give me the hard copy. I accept ARCs and books that are already out. 

Series: If the book you want me to review is in series and I haven't read the other books. Please do send me the other books in the series too. It would be so much easier.

How I Write My Review: I put the title, author, when it was published, who published the book, what format i'm reading in, my rating, and websites to buy the book and the information. And of course, I write my honest opinion of the book. 

If you want me to review one of your books or anything else (Tours, Giveaways, Author Interview, etc!) please contact me here :!/shatterbooks